A bunch of random ruby work
2018-08-27, Gary Kramlich
A bunch of random ruby work
GPlugin uses hgflow[1] for development. All development takes place on the
develop branch which leaves default to be a stable release clone. All long
term feature/bug fix work should take place on a feature branch that when
closed, gets merged to develop.
Releases are forked from develop and create a new branch for any testing/bug
fixes. When a release is deemed done, it's merged back into develop and into
default. hgflow takes care of all of this for us.
To add a feature please fork Then clone
your fork. Once you have your fork cloned and hgflow setup and installed, type
hg flow feature start $NAME_OF_YOUR_FEATURE$
This will create a new branch for you to do your work on. When you submit a
pull request, make sure it's this branch that you're requesting I pull.