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News posting for beta 3. Feel free to editorize this if you think
it makes us all look insane.
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* Buddy icons are now shown in tooltips (Felipe Contreras)
* Tooltips now contain additional information about a "Person" that
contains multiple online buddies
- * Added a "Last Seen" field to buddy tooltips (Richard Laager)
+ * Added a "Last Seen" field to buddy tooltips
* Contacts will auto-expand when buddies are dragged around
* If Gaim is exited with the buddy list hidden in the docklet, it
will remain hidden when Gaim is started again (Scott Shedden)
* Improved buddy list searching with CTRL+F
Conversations and Chats:
+ * Timestamps honor the locale. To use the traditional style,
+ enable the "Message Timestamp Formats" plugin. The plugin
+ also provides options to show dates in timestamps.
* Messages from buddies in the same "Person" will automatically
use the same conversation window.
* The "Send As" menu has been replaced with a more appropriate
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* Message formatting persists between messages (Igor Belyi)
* Full message background colors are now supported
* Smooth scrolling when receiving a new message
- * Screenname colors in chats now chosen intelligently from GNOME
- color palette
+ * Screenname colors in chats now chosen intelligently
* Conversation buffer scrollback limited to avoid large memory
usage in active conversations
* Control-Shift-Tab will reverse cycle through the conversation tabs
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IM/Send File/Get info/ignore the user
* Added tab management options to the tab right-click menu (Sadrul Habib
- * Brand new message queueing system (Casey Harkins)
+ * Brand new message queueing system. Sounds are played when a
+ message is queued rather than when the message is dequeued
+ (Casey Harkins)
+ * Ability to find the last message from a user in a chat (Levi Bard
+ and Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)
+ * Formatting is preserved across messages
+ (There are known issues with pasting formatted text. Either use "Paste
+ as Plain Text", hit Ctrl-R after pasting, or use the Clear Formatting
+ button on the toolbar.)
* Beautiful new default sounds (Brad Turcotte)
* Use libao for playing sounds via NAS instead of accessing NAS directly
+ * A volume control in the preferences (Casey Harkins)
Log Viewer:
- * Log viewer aggregates logs from the same Contact (Richard Laager)
+ * Log viewer aggregates logs from the same "Person"
* When opening the log viewer, show the most recent log by default
(Peter McCurdy)
+ * Logs are now saved with the current timezone, which is displayed
+ in the log viewer
+ * Text logs are linkified, so URLs are clickable
+ * The old logger now caches file offsets, so opening the log viewer
+ for buddies with old logs should be much faster now if you have large
+ log files (except the first time for a log, when the cache is built)
* Plugins are now accessed through a separate dialog from the Tools
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Gaim (Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)
* Overhauled the system tray/docklet plugin (Casey Harkins)